A GlobalWeave Production

GlobalWeave was founded in 2005 by Mohit Thukral.

He partnered with a leading exporter to create a textile and rug company, based on personalization and openness. Buyers had the creative freedom to design their own product, and access to designers via OpenWeave.

Over the years, we've worked with recognized and reputed retail establishments and design firms. 

In 2014, the company was relocated to Jaipur, India and has become a collaborative creative platform. We bring buyers, designers, makers together under a GlobalWeave production.

A GlobalWeave Production is active involvement in every step of the production process with emphasis on product development. It includes the following:

  • Creative Platform: We connect buyers to makers & designers, based on requirements.
  • Product Development: We have over 10 years of experience in developing products for the US market. We know the cloth, colors, designs, finishing. We pair techniques with target pricing.
  • Quality: We inspect your product during every step of production. 
  • Private Label: We make your designs into products.
  • Sourcing: We have working relationships with weavers in various cloths. We give you access to the best rug makers in hand, tufted, machine.
  • Distribution: We give you access to a retail network of over a hundred reputed US retailers and design firms.
  • Communication: Daily communication via phone and email. Buyers have direct access to makers. 
  • Photography: Professional images & video of your products being made.
  • Creative Classes: Learn on-site screen printing, block printing, embroidery, stitch, upholstery and more.

Connect with us online or visit us in Jaipur.