GlobalWeave was founded in 2005 by Mohit Thukral. He partnered with a leading exporter to create a textile and rug company, based on personalization and openness. Over the years, we've worked with recognized and reputed retail establishments and design firms. The company has 3 interconnected businesses: Private Label, Wholesale, Workshops.

Private Label

We bring designers, makers, buyers together under a GlobalWeave production. A GlobalWeave Production is active involvement in every step of the production process with emphasis on product development. It includes the following:

  • Creative Platform: We connect designers (brands) and makers, based on requirement.
  • Product Development: We have over 10 years of experience in developing products for the US market. We know the cloth, colors, designs, finishing. We pair techniques with target pricing.
  • Distribution: We give designers access to buyers (a retail network of over a hundred reputed retailers and design firms).
  • Quality: We inspect your product during every step of production. 
  • Sourcing: We have working relationships with weavers in various cloths. We give you access to the best rug makers in hand, tufted, machine.
  • Communication: Daily communication via phone and email. Buyers have direct access to makers. 
  • Photography: Professional images & video of your products being made.


We connect designers (via our private label) to buyers, a retail network of over a hundred reputed retailers and design firms). The program allows buyers to personalize products, an offering for differentiation. 


We offer on-site (Jaipur) workshops in screen printing, block printing, hand painting, embroidery, stitch and more. View workshop schedule here.