Creative Freedom

For 10+ years we've been powering the design studio via personalization & openness.

The goal is to sell your customer their perfect product. They may find it in stock, or they may personalize an existing product to make it perfect.

1. Personalization:

Despite your best efforts to stock the perfect product, there will be situations where your customer will want to personalize size or color. Under our personalization program, your customer has the flexibility to tweak an existing product or design their own product from scratch.

Your customer can select any of our 100+ designs, in any fabric, in any color, in any size. There are little or no minimums or sucharges. You get to decide the flexibility you want to extend to your customer. 

2. Openness:

Our goal has been to offer our customers a broad range of eclectic designs that can be personalized. To help expand our design catalog, we work with emerging designers under our OpenWeave initative.


Opening an Account:

Please use this form if you're interested in opening a wholesale account or learning more about the program.