Direct Buy

We connect you to an eclectic, vibrant group of furniture, lighting, rug & textile makers. We work with you on product development, logistics, collective buying arrangements,  ...

Our Direct Buy program allows you to save on larger size orders by buying direct from the maker. This can be a saving of approx. 30%. We also arrange for collective buying, if you don't have the capacity to meet minimums.

Why Buy Direct:

Primarily for 3 reasons:

1. It saves you money. There are no middlemen.

2. You need to have a direct relationship, hence communication, with the maker if you want to personalize your product. And as we've seen, personalization allows you to differentiate your store

3. Private Label - you design, we make - is easier when working direct with the maker.

Product Representation:

Textiles: Drapery, Bedding, Pillows, Fabric (Embroidery, Kantha, Print, Appliqué)

Furniture: Modern Twist to Traditional Craft, Industrial, Reclaimed, Metallic ...

Rugs: Knotted, Tufted, Dhurries, Machine. Rugs include Oushaks, Serapis, Tibetan, Moroccan (Berber), ikat in Recylced Sari Silk, Machine-made in New Zealand Wool, Cashmere ...

Lighting: Hurricanes, Moroccan Lanterns, Rustic Chandeliers, Antique Drums ...

Accessories: Tote Bags, Vases, Bowl, Trays ...

About the Makers:

Our group of makers, mostly located in India, are working with trendsetting retailers and established designers. We've teamed up with over a dozen makers featuring over 10,000 items.

Product Selection:

We'll start by sharing images with you. You can either buy from images, samples or during your visit to the maker.


We offer the following services:

  • a creative platform, connecting you with makers & designers
  • product development
  • access to OpenWeave
  • quality inspection
  • logistics
  • collective buying arrangements
  • factory tours