Private Label

You Design. We Make.

Under our private label program, we make products with your designs, under your label, at no minimums.

The Process:

The process of converting your design into a product involves the following:

1. Pick Product, Technique:

You start by picking the product you're interested. If the product is textiles, you would also pick a desired technique(s) (print, embroidery, etc).

2. Pick Cloth, Color:

The next step is to review our available base cloths & colors. You're limited by our existing color palette. We'll also ship you samples of the various cloths & colors, including threads and/or print dyes. 

3. Product Pricing:

We'll share preliminary product pricing with you once you've seleced your product, technique and cloth. 

4. Submit Design:

You'll email us a digital file of your design. It can be any standard image format.

5. Approve Renderings:

Once we receive your design, we come back to you with digital renderings of your design in the colors selected. We also confirm product pricing (step 3) at this stage. 

6. Approve Design Sample:

Once you approve the rendering, we ship out a sample of your design for approval. This allows you to view & feel the design.

7. Place Order:

You're ready to place your order when you've approved your sample. There are no minimums required and you order as needed. Our lead time is approx. 6 weeks once the design sample is approved (step 6).

There is a minimum $2000 buy-in to the private label program, with no minimums thereafter. 

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.